5 Easy Tips: How to Lose Fat in Your Face

A chubby, fat face may be cute when you’re a child, but as people get older, the appeal of a fat face disappears. Chiseled features and a thin face can make you appear years younger. Want to know how to lose fat in your face? It’s not as easy as losing belly fat and results aren’t as consistent, but there are a variety of ways to finally rid yourself off this fat.

How to Lose Weight Off Your Face

I’m going to be honest: some of these methods won’t shock you and many will confuse you. The truth is that you’re not going to be doing “face flexes” or some other weird exercise in hopes of losing fat around your face.

Instead, you’ll want to follow a few tried-and-true techniques.

  1. Increase Water Intake

Water ensures that our skin stays hydrated and healthy. Bloating is often caused by too little water drinking and water being absorbed into salt. That’s right! Salt is your enemy and will cause you to retain water in your face.

Ideally, you will increase your water intake while reducing the amount of salt and sodium that you drink.

This will ensure that your face is never bloated and that you don’t retain water in unwanted areas.

  1. Exercise

Want to know how to lose fat off your face? Exercise. This is especially important for anyone who is severely overweight or even those that are in the obesity range. As you gain weight, much of the fat is deposited in the face.

A good way to lose this weight is to workout.

You will want to do a full body workout – not facial exercises – to see results. After all, it will help you achieve maximum health in the process. What exercises are recommended?

  • Cardio: Cardiovascular workouts help work the entire body and burn calories in the process. Walking, running, biking, swimming or even playing tennis is a great way to perform cardio.
  • Lift Weights: Lifting weights may not be your favorite activity, but it will allow you to gain muscle and burn fat. The goal is to perform full body workouts whenever possible to boost your results. Isolation workouts are fine, but you will want to follow HIIT practices to see results (short breaks and quick transitions.)

How many times a week should you exercise? That is up to you. Many people choose to do:

  • 3 – 5 days a week of weights
  • 3+ days a week of cardio

Cardio must be done at least 3 times a week to build up your stamina. Rest is also very important, so ensure that you take one to two complete days off to allow your muscles to rest.

As you start losing overall body fat, you will notice that the chubby face you used to have is starting to thin out.

  1. Facial Massages

A trick that I found when trying to figure out how to lose weight on my face. Your face doesn’t get a chance to move like your arms or legs, so blood circulation in this area is not always great. It’s time to reverse this, and it is a treat for every person that has a chubby, round face.

Facial massages will:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase oxygen

Ultimately, the skin on your face will tighten after a massage. If you continue to get massages, you’ll notice that your skin is tighter and looks thinner as a result. You can choose to perform your own facial massage or splurge and go to the spa – it’s up to you to decide.

  1. Stop Smoking and Drinking

We’re not talking about going to AA, but we are talking about eliminating cigarettes and alcohol from your diet. Unfortunately, these vices are a major contributor to facial fatness and are bad for your health, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Alcohol will:

  • Cause puffiness in the face
  • Make the face appear fuller

Smoking will:

  • Cause skin to sag
  • Lead to fine lines and wrinkles

Ultimately, your face will puff as smoking makes the skin sag so that it looks even fuller. Wrinkles and fine lines will cause the problem to worsen.

  1. Sleep More and De-stress

A painless way to lose fat around your face. Lack of sleep and stress have a way of making you look much older and can cause your face to puff up as a result. Why? I don’t know, but try sleeping just 3 hours tonight and notice how puffy your face will look in the morning.

Sleep is the time when your body goes into repair and removes all of the bad toxins in the body. If you don’t sleep enough, your body will undergo undue stress and toxins will be allowed to accumulate.

Stress is also known to cause a puffy face.

My suggestion? Use your workout as a way to de-stress and sleep better. If you have trouble sleeping, exercise 3 hours before bed and make sure you put yourself through a hard, tiring workout. This will help you sleep better at night while relieving stress in the process.

Want to know how to lose fat in your face? It’s hard work and takes a lot of effort on your part.

Ultimately, these are the same things that you have probably heard a thousand times, but never took action on. Drink more water, exercise, eat good foods and even enjoy a weekly facial massage. All of these great-for-you tasks will help you lose stubborn facial fat. The truth is, that you need to lose fat all over your body and targeting areas is down right impossible. If you want to really take things to a higher level and improve overall appearance and body composition, you need a healthy, easy diet program to follow.

Take a look at the 3-week diet review article here. This program might have exactly what you need to get on the right path and realize great results.